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Friday, December 6, 2013

Reflections on Waiting

I had told myself to "just stay busy" and to "push it out of your mind." And yet, I would find myself hitting refresh on my email, and willing myself to wait at LEAST one week before bugging my case manager again ... I almost always failed.

But when we thought we wouldn't be able to use the travel voucher from my husband's work ... I just let it go. I knew God would bring things together. I can't will anything to happen.

So we stopped waiting.

Supervising Daddy build the new bunk bed.

 I had been "watching the pot" if you will, and nothing was happening. So I stopped. Emotionally, mentally, I stepped away. And we did things. Things that I couldn't check my email  while I did them.

Meeting new friends in the Petting Zoo.

Sure, when I knew a meeting was happening in The Country Across the Pond, I would get excited, but it didn't keep me up at night.

A new Dreamer is awakened.

Then this past week, I saw several families who were a little behind us post how they had received the first part of the two-part process: the verbal referral from the referral granting committee. It has to have the signature from the over-seeing minister, but that usually takes 2-3 weeks.

A little discouraged, I asked my agency to check on our status.

We have received our verbal referral! And we received it LAST WEEK!

 The finished product! My husband is so handy.

This means we could get a signature within the next 2 weeks, and it pretty much guarantees late January travel! It also means we can use our travel voucher from work!

Baby it's cold outside.

Now we will try to get through Christmas, collect the toys and gifts we will take to our children and I will try to FINALLY decide on what pair of boots would be best for the trip! I am desperate need of new shoes, and this is a great reason to get really nice ones.

As we prepare for this trip, I would appreciate your prayers. This will be our first time to fly out of the States, so I'm a little nervous!


  1. I’m so happy for ya’ll. Sooner than you know you will have you new little ones in your arms!!!

    1. Thank you! We are so excited we will be meeting them soon. There is so much to prepare for!