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Sunday, November 17, 2013


I had just come in from picking up the mail, the postman had left it on our small table just outside the door. There was a medium-sized box which I assumed had a part for on of my husband's tools, topped with a stack of envelopes.

I returned my mom's call while I flicked through the mail - Junk, junk, Show Hope?

Mom and I exchanged pleasantries as I opened the envelope from Show hope, thinking it was another offer of free resources.

I let out a scream.

My mom was frantic, listening to me try not to hyper ventilate and stammer out that no one was dying.

It took a little bit before I could get it out. 

We were awarded a grant!

Do you remember the day when everything fell into place despite me being tired beyond belief? Do you remember how God brought me encouragement? That was back in August. 

I knew that they would award grants soon, but I had peace, I wasn't even counting on that money, but if we DID get anything, I was by no means expecting what we received!

The grant is many times over what we thought we would be awarded, and all we need now is the cost for travel. That means all we need to be fully funded is between $2,500-$4,500.

It seems like a big range, but it is dependent on several different things-  how long they will require us to travel (We won't know if we can condense the trip into 1 week until AFTER we get our referral), if we can use our travel incentive for this year (we have to have dates prior to Nov 30th!) and we can only ballpark the cost of tickets in the Summer, they can be as high as double the Winter rates.

So saving, fundraising and maybe another grant application is still necessary, but it does feel good to know that we have been propelled past the 50% mark on what we needed just earlier this week!

We are planning out the kid's rooms, and plan on getting our boy's room painted and build them a Kura-style bunk bed before our first trip. Once we meet Gabriel and Betsy we will have a better idea of what sort of room they will need, and then we will transform our guest room into their own room. Full of their own things. For the first time ever, they will have something of their own.

Which brings me to The Box.

It is what the letters had been resting on. When I turned to open it, I saw it had our agency's name on it. I was on the phone with my Dad when I opened that. I didn't scream this time, but I did start to tear up.

Inside were two soft, white bears with a voice recorder nestled inside of them The card was from our case workers Nina and Rebecca. The note said they were for our kids, to leave with them on the first trip.

Several times I had posted on our Facebook support group how I wanted a record-able something to take them, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. These bears are perfect.

We are so blessed that we are working with people who truly care about children being brought into families, and that they treat all of these children LIKE family.

That fact that Nina has the sweetness to think of her families in her spare time despite the fact that she seems to work non-stop AND she is preparing to donate a kidney to one of the children she helped bring home earlier this year is so humbling.

The funds for this adoption have been coming together smoother than I had imagined. It has been friends, family, church and organizations coming together and giving what they can to make this happen.

I know there are so many needs in this world. There are natural disasters, wars and poverty that drive people into such deep and desperate need. I am in awe that God would bring together so many individuals who would care this much about two little children halfway around the world.

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  1. Oh praise God!! How encouraging, JoLynn! I'm so happy for you, Gabriel, Betsy, and everyone in your family! :)